The beautiful nature of Switzerland, the highest precision and technology are the bases of our preparations.
BioSuisse, PBN Policy
This is the main policy of PBN Switzerland, producer of BioSuisse preparations. All our ingredients are from natural sources. No chemical emulsifiers, no chemical colors, no chemical thickeners, etc. Environmentally friendly, the packaging material is 100% recyclable. We have a long tradition and experience of working with bio-natural preparations and bees and their valuable products which are used extensively in our preparations. All other agricultural raw material are produced with bioagritechnological methods and high quality scientific skills and materials.
BioSuisse, PBN Quality and facility
The strictness of Switzerlands quality control is ranked among the highest in the world. Of course, skin and hair care and nutritional supplements are not an exception. Whether such products are destinated for European or other consumers, the products, samples, and detailed contents are submitted to the Swiss and/or European Health Authorities. The vitamin products are analyzed and confirmed by the Swiss Vitamin Institute. Other independent and/or official laboratories control permanently all their technical and physical aspects.
Our main facility is in Switzerland - knowned for its large forest and clean air. Here people love nature and a healthy environment. Production technology in our facility is in harmony with the environment. The use of bioagritechnology contributes to the protection of nature and environment.
By employing the highly sophisticated batch tracing system, all BioSuisse - PBN products are classified according to production date. The samples are always available in a laboratory for confirmation or batch tracing.
BioSuisse environement
PBN is located in Marly, West of Switzerland where people are proud of its quiet atmosphere, limpid air, spreading green area and clean sky. Blessed with such a background of nature, PBN products are manufactured by highly sophisticated bio agritechnology and strict quality control in modern facilities. We offer natural skin and hair care and nutritional supplements which are the result of utilizing and enhancing the merits of nature.
As authentic well-being and harmony are a part of nature, we have chosen to use only nature's benefits to maintain the beauty and health of skin, hair and body.